Postcards from an ailing economy essay

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Historic Postcards

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Postcards From an Ailing Economy Essay Sample

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Carolan, Eoin, Postcards from the Economic Abyss: What Ireland and Iceland Can Teach Us About Tea Parties, Big Societies and Small Government (November 1, ).

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There is certainly a path out of the gathering banking crisis, but no guarantee that the world economy will find it. Eileen Chang (Ailing Zhang, ) was one of the most influential Chinese writers of the twentieth century. Her works, considered to be among the best Chinese literature of the s, examined the themes of marriage, family, love, and relationships in the social context of s and s Shanghai.

Postcards from the Edgelands (for Marion Shoard) October 4, October 7, 37° 40′ 60S, ° 56′ 60E. Originally published in Infrastructure as Architecture: Designing Composite Networks, Katrina Stoll & Scott Lloyd (eds), Berlin: Jovis, All photography by Simon Sellars.

Amy Yelin’s essays and articles have appeared in The Boston Globe, Literary Mama, The Mid, The Manifest Station, The Gettysburg Review and other publications. Her humorous essay “Once Upon a Penis” is included in the anthology Mamas and Papas: On the Sublime Art of Parenting.

Postcards from an ailing economy essay
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