Patricia urquiola and rei kawakubo two

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Patricia Urquiola and Rei Kawakubo Essay

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Rei Kawakubo

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Comme des Garçons, Comme des Garçons

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Archive for January, Dieter Rams: 10 Design Commandments. However, it has always been a hard task to argue about aesthetic quality, for two reasons. Firstly, it is difficult to talk about anything visual, since words have a different meaning for different people.

Lidewij Edelkoort’s approach draws from the CNAP ‘s rich collection and seeks to reflect the trends and changes that bridge our two centuries. Questioning the notion of an object in a world of flux and information is more important than ever before to better understand the challenges our constantly-evolving world faces.

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borders by hella jongerius by Grace Bonney Looking back on my first jobs out of college there are things I do and don’t miss about both of them (I only had two jobs before starting D*S). May 06,  · Renny Ramakers By Lama Alissa. Renny Ramakers is an art historian, curator, environmental trendsetter and is the co-founder and creative director of an Amsterdam based design company called Droog.

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