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Anne Bradstreet - the Author to Her Book

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The Author to Her Book

I didn’t know if I was writing correctly or even forming an essay correctly, also I experienced trouble with research papers and the process of writing these kinds of essays. The one necessary book of poetry for every home and library.

This long-awaited, indispensable volume contains more than poems drawn from dozens of languages and cultures, and spans a period of more than years from ancient Sumer and Egypt to the late twentieth century.

The Author to her Book: An Annotation of Bradstreet Essay - The Author to her Book: An Annotation of Bradstreet Anne Bradstreet's poem, The Author to her Book, is a twenty-four-line metaphor comparing the relationship of an author and her writings to the relationship between a parent and a child.

This lesson covers Anne Bradstreet's poem 'The Author to her Book.' We'll discuss the poem's inspiration and summary, analyze some of its major.

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The Author to Her Book by Anne Bradstreet. The Author to Her Book Learning Guide by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley.

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